At left: Aerial view from 1990

Owner Mike Baker opened ACME Auto Parts in May of 1987 and has expanded it to include not only auto parts, but also auto glass installation, a complete service center and body shop, tire sales and repair, and a recycling center. They’ve also added Complete Parking Lot Services specializing in snow removal and salting, lawn care, parking lot stripping, and sidewalk power washing.

Here’s a brief history of the grounds and buildings:

  • In 1998 a new office and warehouse were built. An additional 5 acres were added to the south end of the property and an area was dedicated to foreign vehicles.
  • In 2004 an addition was built onto the main building with a 5-bay mechanic shop and 2-car glass installation shop.
  • In 2005 a semi scale was installed and scrap metal recycling began.
  • 2008 added the car crusher and the first shear.
  • In 2009 “Cash for Clunkers” was introduced. In the summer of 2009 lightning struck and burned down the Body Shop. By the fall of 2010 a new Body Shop and Wash Bay were built.

At right: Aerial view from 2010